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Home X-treme Sports Arcade


3 Foot Ninja You are a ninja. Collect the scrolls to advance.
Basic yet entertaining
Battle Ship The classic game of battleship except with
pretty cool explosions.
Bullet-time Fighting Fight in The Matrix style-dodge bullets and
climb walls, w/ multiplayer.
City Jumper You are a little green person who jumps over buildings.
Boring? NO actually it's kinda hard...
IceBlox Guide the penguin around and smash up the iceblox.
Watch out for the flames though.
Mad Shark You are a shark that's escaped from a lab. Eat the fish
and people to stay alive. Very bloody...
MechaSpyder The spider, or spyder, jumps from square to square.
Neat 3D graphics. Need codes? click here
Pang Monkeys in ranger suits with guns...
Radical Aces A very cool flying game. Go around and blow up
stuff on Mars.
Ratinator Use your rat powers and blow up the other evil rats. Sounds lame, but the game is neat.
Slingshot You and your fellow cavemen pelt each other with slingshots
until someone wins.
Skull Adventures You get to be a skeleton. Watch out for the lava
and evil green slugs.
Spaced Penguin Use the slingshot and shoot the penguin to the ship.
Try not to go in orbit...
Tank Wars Drive your tank around the city and destroy other tanks.
Neat 3D graphics.
UFO Pool Party Fly your UFO around and beam up people and cars then
drop them in a pool.
Zed Zed is an android. go around and collect gold but watch
out for the dinosaurs.
Need codes? click here