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Home X-treme Sports Arcade


3D Pool An excellent pool game with good graphics and gameplay
Big Mouth Bass A way cool fishing game. Very Challenging
Beat the Wall A soccer free-kick game. Not easy but very fun.
Carmageddon Steer the car and try to run over as many people as possible
in 90 seconds.
Drag Racer A cool drag racing game with many cars, options, and lots of racing.
Driver's Ed See if you can pass this driving test.
Extreme Minigolf Very tough golfing game with ok graphics.
Football 3D An awesome football game- run plays
to score as much as possible in 2 min.
Formula G1 A nice 3D futuristic racing game that is very challenging.
Heatwave Racing A very good racecar game with four tracks
and timetrial modes.
Heptathlon See if you can win all seven events with
Denise Lewis
Hockey Showdown A decent hockey game with good gameplay
and also challenging.
Kick-ups Keep the soccer ball in the air as long as possible.
Mini Golf Cool golfing game with neat courses
and gameplay.
Paintball Sneak around through the woods and play paintball
Ping Pong One of the best virtual ping pong games ever. Add
spin, or just kill the ball.
Polar Bowler Very nice bowling game. o yeah the ball is a bear.
Redline Rumble A re-done version of 2 Fast 2 Furious. Just has neater cars.
Redline Rumble 2 Called Redline Rumble 2 Detonator and has good graphics and gameplay.
Rocket Rally Not the greatest graphics, but there are tons of levels.
Oh yeah you can shoot stuff too
Snowfight 3D Cool snowball fighting 3D action. Kill
the snowmen and pelt kids with snowballs
Soccer Shootout A fun soccer shooting game. Watch out for
the cheap shots, though.
Spear Toss See how far you can throw the spear
and try to get a high score.
Steak Jump Steer the jumping dog to eat all of the steaks. Weirdly Fun.
Stock Car Racing A neat racing game. Even neater when you cause a wreck.
Superbike GP A motorcycle racing game with good graphics
and challenging gameplay.
Super Trick Slalom A decent snowboarding game with pretty challenging levels.
Tennis Play a pretty cool tennis game. For some reason it's
only girl vs. girl...
Thrash N' Burn Skateboarding A Pretty good skateboarding game with many options.
Tire Toss Chunk the tire as far as you can and try to get on the high scores.
Toboggan Run! This is an awsome sledding game that's 100% funny.
Jump through flaming hoops in a toboggan?
Treasure Diver Try to get as much treasure as possible before
the killer sharks get you.
Wakeboarding XS A decent wakeboarding game, ride around and do tricks.
World Cup Soccer One of the most realistic soccer games on the net.
Win all the way to the world cup.
Wrecker Demolish the cars racing around the track. Very Fun.
Yetisports Yetisports Find out how good you are at all of the yetisports.
Zip Zap Racers Based on cars from The Fast and the Furious. Race or get streetcredz.